Work experience

Front-End Tech Lead Altimetrik

As a cross-team front-end lead, I was involved in a variety of projects including brands like PayPal by giving the shape of apps being written and designed from the architectural point of view.

Tech Lead Engineer EPAM Systems

I had the pleasure to work with the biggest financial institutions like UBS helping them building performant and responsive web apps using React and Stencil.js.

Head of Custom Development Zoovu

My role at zoovu was about upgrading and keeping development standards, I was helping 20 developers in my team to build better and more scalable applications for the biggest clients like: Amazon, Microsoft, Whirlpool and Canon. My job was to design (proposing architecture) and estimate upcoming projects trying to keep given deadlines of delivery. Mostly we have been using Vue.js, Typescript, Node.js hosted on AWS.

Lead Front-end Developer EuroBank

At the begining I was hired as a first/lead Front-end developer in company to rethink the structure and way of applications were developed. Seeing the challenges the bank had with maintaining those, I came up with idea to build completely new design system with reusable components, all written in Angular 5+.

Senior Frontend Developer / Team Leader Pixers

Being hired as first front-end developer I had to rebuild the front-end aspect of ecommerce. Seeing non-scalable, old-fashioned jquery approach I’ve proposed to start building modular components written in vanilla es6 and vue.js. The team has expanded up to 5 people that I was leading from technical perspective.

Front-end developer, Co-founder

As co-founder and idea-maker, I’ve found investor, thanks to whom I could build 4 people team. We have been developing application from scratch. I was responsible for every aspect of startup including development, design and team management.

IT Specialist Ensila Sp. z o.o.

Just after graduation I found my first job helping Ensila with every IT problem they had. It was the combination of full stack development and tech ops.

Freelancer / Web Developer

I’ve started my professional career pretty early trying to find any client that was about creating websites/web applications. I’ve been developing apps using Backbone.js, Ext.js, Php, Ruby on Rails.


Technical School of IT

While studying at school I was getting the best grades in IT subjects. I have been participating in IT contests, presenting on stage and mentoring others how to develop software.



Mother language




  • Owns a driving licence cat B
  • Participated in Wroclaw Marathon 2013
  • Took Skydive classes in 2014
  • Co-organized DevMeeting in 2014
  • Laureate of investment program


Milosz combines strong work ethic with the ability to maintain great interpersonal relations. Always smiling, he is ready to tackle even the most demanding tasks with ongoing motivation. His entrepreneurial spirit makes him constantly optimize his daily tasks and look for new challenges. What is important, he naturally influences his colleagues to keep high standards of work. Did I mention that you can always count on him, especially when unexpected problems happen? Working with Milosz was a great experience!